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DVD information

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: Movie

File: MD5 HASH

Rip or: Rip ReEncoded

Image: MKV

: Abyss

: Fox of the 20th century

: Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Bien, Leo Burmester, Todd Graff

: James Cameron

: James Cameron

: 1989

: Action Adventure fiction

Released: August 9, 1989 (USA), March 21, 2000 (DVD)

: Region 1 (deleted)

: 171 minutes

: PG-13

Cover (s): YES

Audio: AAC 160 KB

: English

: Nothing

Video: anamorphic screen

: 720p

Appearance :: 1

: DVD for retail in a special edition

Original: closed labels, color, Dolby, mailbox, special edition, THX, widescreen, NTSC




AT: 88%

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Coding of information

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Format: Sailor

Version format: Version 2

File size: Gio

Duration: 2 hours 51 minutes

Total data transfer rate: 1441 Kbps


Format: AVC

Format / information: Advanced video codec

Profile design:

Formatting settings, CABAC: Yes

Format settings, ReFrames: 16 frames

Width: 720 pixels

Height: 368 pixels

Image format :: 1

Original aspect ratio :: 1

Frame speed mode: Variable

Frame rate: fps

Recording library: x264 core 120


Default: Yes

Forced: No.


Format: AAC

Format / information: Advanced audio codec

Channel (s): 2 channels

Sampling frequency: KHz


Default: Yes

Forced: No.

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Reviews / Abstract

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A carefully crafted but also difficult and predictable epic about the deep sea of ​​James Cameron’s close encounter in 1989 confirms one of the earliest early principles of cinema:everything under water moves much more slowly. Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who were previously married to oil engineers who still have several problems to solve, are designed to help the fur seal Gun-Ho (Michael Bien) in a top-secret rescue operation: an underwater nuclear warhead. is ambushed and sunk, under mysterious circumstances, in some of the world’s deepest waters, and oil engineers have the only sunken ship that can dive. Each frame and performance is carefully clear and detailed (and computerized aquatic creatures are adorable), but the crazy pace of the film is ultimately deadly. Spectators feel wet.
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For a guy who loves guns as much as Cameron (his next film was still a masterpiece of body numbers, «Terminator 2: Judgment Day»), it is interesting that the moral balance here is largely in favor.competent; military types are amoralists who justify the goal, that is, the means, just like weak state bureaucrats among foreigners. The great Wall 2016 Starfox Free Torrent

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This is the only true anamorphic version of the Abyss widescreen, literally all other versions in the region are cut into black bars and therefore have a very low resolution, and other regional versions had parts of the film – this adds another 28 minutes to the film.

This recoded version is not completely cut out and creates a large screen for the first time.

This I personally encoded, Carjacker with DVD = Uncut Special Edition =.

Leave your thoughts / thoughts and notes about A / V in this movie for others to see.

Pease SEED as you DL so others can enjoy the movie!

** Questions are welcome!….

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